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When you are thinking about Fresh Air, Countryside’s Landscape, Fantastic Culinary, Beautiful & Warm People, you will definitely remember this city. Bandung!!

Are you craving to inject some excitement into your holidays? We’ve got great ideas for adventure & unique holidays in Bandung. Whether a solo travelling or couples, with group of family or friends, we hope you will find something you like amongst these adventure holiday ideas.

1. Self-View “selfie” at Stone Garden Cliff

15 KM away from Mason Pine Hotel

Stone Garden is a megalithic tourist place representing dry landscape composed by irregular arrangements of idyllic stones and forms a natural park due to the surface process of the earth. Witness a formation of Bandung Purba Lake at a period of Ancient and enjoy spectacular view of stones within 45 minutes drive from Mason Pine Hotel. Offering a natural beauty, first thing to do when you arrive is “SELFIE or WEFIE”. This place is very instagrammable!

2. Swing Hammock in Hawu Mountain

25 KM away from Mason Pine Hotel

Calling out all Sunrise Cather!  Hawu Cliff is ready to pamper you with a beautiful sunrise view while 'hang' in a spectacular way! Experience hammock-ing at top of the cliff, trust us it will be unforgettable experience for those who have an adventurous spirit.

To enjoy the sensation of lying on the hammock, visitors must climb the cliff and charge fairly affordable for safe and guaranteed anti-mainstream facilities. This adventure at Mount Hawu is located in the district Padalarang within just 60 minutes away from Mason Pine Hotel.

3. Indulge your art taste at Nu Art Sclupture Park

12 KM from Mason Pine Hotel with travel time 30 minutes

Nu art Sclupture Park is one of the Largest art gallery and the only one you can visit in bandung. Be dazzled on approximately 300 beautiful statues carving by the famous Indonesia Artist, I Nyoman Nuarta. If you are lucky, you can enjoy the show—events and exhibitions in this 3 hectares area. There is a theater show you can see here, and also there is a movie screening on the 4th floor. This gallery is open from Monday to Sunday, the clock is different. Every Sunday to Thursday Nu Art is closed at 5 pm, and every weekend is closed at 9 pm.

4. Religious Moment at the Artistic Mosque AL-IRSYAD Padalarang

200 meter away from Mason Pine Hotel

Al Irsyad mosque was designed by Bandung Mayor, Mr. Ridwan Kamil. This unique mosque is shaped like a cube and without a dome and it’s very beautiful with the emphasis of the details of the building so artistic. The walls are hollow and have double function which is as ventilation and taste of art. What makes Al-Irsyad more special is at night when the lights of the mosque is on, there will be lights that break out of the room forming lafaz syahadat. It only 2 minutes walking from Mason Pine Hotel to soothe your soul on this artistic mosque.

5. Hot Water Valley for Soak in Ciwalini

57, 9 KM from Mason Pine Hotel

Derived directly from the hot water of Patuha, you can enjoy soaking in Ciwalini pool that can make your body healthy. You will find it clear hot water and sulphur odor-free there. There are two thermal baths, namely  bathing pool for adults and children. Whether you want a privacy, hot-bathroom is provided. The existence of this tourist attraction in Bandung has long been known among tourists since a longtime ago.  2 hours drive from Mason Pine Hotel to enjoy this hot spring facility

That’s our bucket traveling list is specially made for you to explore Bandung.

And if you have always wanted to get closer to nature, book your room at Bandung most beautiful resort, Mason Pine Hotel. We offers comfortable and pleasant facilities. Take a dip in our infinity pool and unwind with a cocktail, as your eyes feast on Sunset view. Strategically located at Kota Baru Parahyangan, our hotel is surrounded by a hidden beauty of the countryside amongst the Bandung mountain range of Tangkuban Perahu and Burangrang, Saguling Lake and the Pine Forests.

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