The Inspirational Wedding

In 2017, the trend of a wedding has a big theme of Exploration. The bride and the groom are more courageous to personalize the wedding touch by their taste & personality beyond unusual moment. Nowadays, outdoor wedding party is on the rise. The wedding reception will tend to be free and not tied to something rigid, but remains sacred with an intimate atmosphere.

Here, the most five wedding trends 2017 that may help.

1. Pantone-inspired weddings

Inspired by nature—flowers and greenery—these colors never fail to make your wedding perfect as Greenery in Pantone is the color of the year 2017

2. Wedding themes with a twist

In 2017, brides will think out of the box when it comes to wedding themes. For example, a rustic wedding doesn't have to involve wooden barrels and burlap. It's entirely possible to throw an elegant wedding with a rustic flair or a rustic wedding with a modern feel to it.

3. Clean and contemporary aesthetics

Another big in 2017 is the rise of minimalist, modern weddings with clean aesthetics. Far from being sparse, this wedding's style gives a simple space. It can instantly look glamorous with metallic elements, or alternatively more organic with flowers and greens.

4. Photojournalism

Photo-journalistic wedding photography focusing on the moment will reign supreme this year. Instead of opting for dramatic and carefully-posed portraits, more couples will seek natural photos with minimal posing. They will also be more willing to hire artsy photographers to fill every frame with movement and emotions.

5. Wedding Destination

Last but not least, it is the intimate wedding destination. We don't see this trend going away anytime soon. More couples have fallen in love with the idea of getting married at a beautiful location, witnessed by only their closest relatives and friends.

The wedding is yet complete without the adorable venue. The venue is one of the preparations that will certainly seize the attention. Well, let's check out few tips of wedding preparations for your reference.

1. Set up your budget and concept

Discuss the concept—outdoor or indoor—and the themes for your wedding day with your spouse to-be. Budget also comes to your lists to compare to what concept and theme suit your budget. That way is to minimize the number of available venue options and your worth time.

2. Facilities provided

Check out to see and note every single detail of the venue your prefer. What facilities offered by the venue. Some venues may have the services of vendors who work with such as decoration, catering vendors, entertainment, and so forth (optional for your reference). If you invite many guests, we recommend that you choose a spacious venue with parking facilities to avoid being crowded in the venue.

3. When to book your wedding venue

Book the venue 1 year at least in advance. It will avoid an unavailable venue on the date and allow you prepare everything missing. The faster you book, you get the opportunity to celebrate your wedding day at the venue you want. The price of venues you book that is close to the time tended to be more expensive.

4. Do not be shy to ask about everything

Ask every single detail you want to know, ranging from the availability venue, additional costs to the preparation length of decoration. The back-up plan should be prepared for couples, what if an unexpected incident might occur during the wedding day.

Last but not least, visit the venue a day or two day before the event is held. You can make sure everything is perfect and nothing is missing. Hopefully some tips above will come in handy for you and your partner without being confused.


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