Traveling with Your Kids?
Let's Get Lost in Bandung

Bandung is a city located in mountain areas with the picturesque scenery and fresh air. It has many must-be-visited tourist attractions for travelers who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily routine.

Bandung is also a perfect place for holidays, since it has many themed tourist attractions who will bring your beloved family to an unforgetable fun-tour. Many places offer the concept of kids-friendly holidays for your children to learn and play. The children can learn about science & technology, culture, and society that are specially wrapped in a learning media for kids beyond exciting and fun.

Let's embrace another Bandung experience with your family on holiday with these bucket-list destinations:

1. Boat Trip on Floating Market Lembang

24.4 km away from Mason Pine Hotel with travel time 1 hour

Floating Market is an artificial Floating Market that presents beautiful scenery and unique concept. You can experience the sensation of riverside shopping and buy foods on a boat that floats in the lake. There are a variety of rides, Restaurants, and Saung which are suitable for all ages. The most interesting spots here are rabbit park and the largest Railway Miniature in Indonesia.

The entrance fee to the floating market is affordable and unique. It is affordable because you only pay the ticket price Rp. 15.000,- and it is unique since each ticket can be exchanged with a choice of fresh lemon tea, hot cappuccino, and hot chocolate.

2. Playing around with Animals at the Mini Zoo Rooftop PVJ

19 KM away from Mason Pine Hotel with 30 minute travel time

Having had shopping at various stores in Paris Van Java mall, take the time about an hour or more to visit the hidden charm located in the rooftop. There are two mini zoos in the area of Paris Van Java rooftop: Lactasari Mini Farm and Bird Park. Both of them are a perfect place to teach your children to love animals more. Get ready to be greeted by the colorful chirping of tropical birds!

You'll get impressed when entering the bird park, you get a bowl of locusts as food for the birds in this place. In this Bird Park, you can also see the rare birds of Indonesia, such as various types of Nuri from Nusa Tenggara and Burung Enggang from Borneo. Meanwhile, to visit this mini farm, you will be given aprons to wear and vegetables & a bottle of milk to feed the animals.

This mini zoo is so clean and well maintained, you can visit it comfortably without worrying about being exposed to animal dung.

3. Learn Science and Playing in Puspa Science and Technology Sundial

2 KM distance away from Mason Pine Hotel with travel time 5 minutes

No traffic! It just takes a 5-minute drive from Padalarang toll gate to Kota Baru Parahyangan. Accompanied by the fresh breeze with tree surroundings, an unique shaped-building with striking colors welcomes your arrival. Inside this building, there is a sundial or the largest sun clock in Southeast Asia, called as Puspa Science and Technology.

In this museum, many children can have lots of equipment or experiments to play and learn. They are floating ball, nail chairs, imperfect mirrors, momentum, gravity, kaleidoscope, Archimedes water pump and the face look. Certainly, the children get interested to explore with various experiments there.

4. Enjoying 3D Art at Amazing Art World Setiabudi

22.7 km away from Mason Pine Hotel with 49 minutes travel time

Amazing Art World is a newest tourist destination in Bandung that presents a spectacular 3D art. It manipulates the eyes with its wonderful 3D effects. There are several different photo zones you will truly enjoy: History Zone, Dinosaur Zone, Animal Zone, Artistic Zone, Living Zone, Media Zone, Winter Zone, Love Zone, Fantasy Zone and Main Hall.

5. Travel around the Bandung City with riding Bandros Bus

21.3 KM away from Mason Pine Hotel with travel time 46 minutes

Bandros, is a short for 'Bandung Tour on Bus', was inaugurated by the current Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil. This red tour bus resembles a multilevel bus in London in a smaller version. The upper deck is made open so that passengers can see the city freely.

Explore historic buildings in Bandung for 30 minutes with the routes: Gedung Sate, Town Hall Building in Dago, Jalan Braga, and many more. Your trip will also be accompanied by a tour guide who will explain the history of this city along the tour. Making a prior reservation is a must for both individuals or groups to enjoy the tour.

Get attracted to Bandung? Don’t worry about the difficulties of finding a comfortable and pleasant place to stay with kids. Mason Pine Hotel is a 4-star resort offering a peaceful stay for your body and soul. With the warm services, Mason Pine Hotel's team is pleased to beat the blue holidays during your stay in Bandung.

Mason Pine Hotel is the family-friendly hotel offering supported-children facilities and activities that are exciting. Mason Pine Hotel provides Orange Kids Club for children to play and learn while having fun. In addition, it also has an olympic size pool that is freely used by in-house guests.

To get reached the tourist attractions in the downtown is easy. It just needs a 5-minute drive from Mason Pine Hotel through Padalarang toll gate.

Besides, for those who are looking for holiday near the hotel you can stop by Puspa Iptek Sundial. Chilren will play and enjot tours of Science and Technology. And if you are interested in Lembang, there are several alternative routes that can be accessed, e.g., via Cimahi and then Jalan Kolonel Masturi, or you can travel through Jalan Raya Ngamprah that  is relatively more quiet than you go through the Bandung city.

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