Situated in the tranquil foothills of Bandung’s countryside, Kota Baru Parahyangan is surrounded by the enchantment of West Java’s culture and breathtaking scenery. Enjoy quick access to a variety of educational, cultural, historic, and scenic sites.


Puspa Iptek Sundial is an educational center located in Kota Baru Parahyangan or about 5 minute drive from Mason Pine Hotel. It is the largest Sundial Building in Asia Pacific that has a horizontal and vertical dial. As a “Science Center” this building is visited by many students nationwide for learning and interactive activities.

Al Irsyad Mosque

According to Ridwan Kamil, the architect of Masjid Al Irsyad, shape of mosque forms a simple cube inspired by Kaaba in Mecca. Façade of mosque is an arrangement of concrete blocks inscribed al-Shahada (Islamic Creed). Masjid Al Irsyad won Archdaily & Green Leadership Award for being one of “The Best 5 World Buildings of The Year 2011” category Religious Buildings from BCI

Bale Seni Barli

Bale Seni Barli founded by (alm) Barli Sasmitawinata, one of the Maestro Indonesian painter. Bale Seni Barli is a non-formal educational institution that focuses on art development, workshop activities and art training. Join art activities such as painting studio and sculpture as well as batik workshop, dye and glass painting, pottery and canvas.

Stone Garden

Stone Garden is a megalithic tourist place representing dry landscape composed by irregular arrangements of idyllic stones and forms a natural park due to the surface process of the earth. Witness a formation of Bandung Purba Lake at a period of Ancient and enjoy spectacular view of stones within 45 minutes drive from Mason Pine Hotel.

Swing Hammock

Overnight at the top of the cliff using a hammock is an unforgettable experience for those who have an adventurous spirit. Hammocking liked by many people because the concept of leave no trash as ethical activities in nature. Thus the technical, hammocking must prioritize safety. Some devices such as harnest, carabiners, ropes and webbing prusik is a tool that must accompany hammocking activities. This adventure can be found at Mount Hawu located in the district Padalarang within just 60 minutes away from Mason Pine Hotel.